Just Call Me Harry Potter

Just Call Me Harry Potter

Wizards trying to use muggle things

I feel like this is what happened every time Ron tried to fish when they were living in the tent in HP7

When it was still in beta, this was my reaction when I managed to get into Pottermore.

This probably happens with every male cast member of the Harry Potter films

My reaction when a boy I was on a date with said, “well I read the first four Harry Potter books, but I never finished the series.”

How Harry should have dealt with the inferi in the cave in Half-blood Prince

How Harry, Ron, and Hermione felt after they defeated Voldemort and there were no more mysteries to solve

(and how I felt after finishing the Series for the first time)

My reaction when I saw the last Harry Potter movie in theaters, and then realized that there wouldn’t be any more

Whenever I turn on the TV and see that there’s a Harry Potter marathon on

Ron and Harry’s reaction when Hermione asks if they’ve done their homework

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